Easy Button Needed!!!

Easy button needed!!!
When is anything ever easy. Jumping over snow can be a complex situation. If I jump to high I might bust my behind on the floor and really call out for an easy button to save my ego. Did it hurt more to fall or the embarrassment of seeing my fat ass laid out on the sidewalk. In God’s plans I was made to fall !But when I looked up, shocked and a little worried.  Who’s watching?  I know they’re laughing at me. All of these thoughts running threw my mind in the matter of seconds. STOP!! Within that time something unfamiliar happen. To my surprise a young man ask me. “Are you okay? Give my your hand baby girl.” I laughed and said yes. My hand was in his. He was more worried then I was. I looked around and didn’t hear not one chuckle. My current situation wasn’t as bad as I thought. I embraced the ice on the ground, the ice cold wind, the extra layers,  and the reason to have extra calories, like some delicious hot chocolate milk!